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Kinda Think I’m Done Here

Sorry, Tumblr. I think I’m gonna have to break up with you…


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Girl and Guy in a “Relationship” for months.

Girl changes pic from the two of them to a pic of her in a sexy dress.

Guy changes pic from the two of them to a pic of him and a buddy.

Pretty sure the relationship is over.

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I’m not sure if I already have this on my blog, but if I don’t I do now.

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Giancarlo Stanton’s latest was a blast from every angle.

This was a helluva shot.

Hard to tell in the GIFs, but the ball cleared that Budweiser sign on the fly.

The dude is a monster.

Marlins Park; so bad it’s good.

4/4/2014 (4:59am)


I just unfriended someone on their birthday… That being said, we had one class together in 2009, and I haven’t spoken to him since. Somehow he evaded past purges like the one last week.


Gut Check: Do you think the homeless woman should have been charged for leaving her kids in the car when she went on an interview?

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Take NewsNation’s Thursday Gut Check.  (via msnbc)

Some info they left out in the question, but did supply in a link to the full story.

It was in Tucson, AZ so even on a nice day it’s still warmer than most other places. Just 45 minutes could become dangerous.

I think regardless of the situation you can’t keep a 6 month old and a 2 year old locked in a car in AZ. I totally get she was in a tougher situation than most of us have ever been in, but it doesn’t change the fact that she put her children in a very dangerous position. I hope things change for this woman and her children, and hopefully someone with the power to help will take action given the amount of attention this is receiving.

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Haiku #2

caviar wishes and
champagne dreams I thought you needed
yet only craved ease


Last weekend I got in a fight (first time for everything I suppose), and I ended up getting three stitches on the top of my head (the other guy broke a rib/slightly punctured a lung so I feel like I came out on top).

I just removed the stitches with an HD webcam, and a very small/sharp pair of scissors.

Guess I’ll go figure out how I can get some free/cheap healthcare for my broke ass. Obama, hit me up!